Powerful Decision Making Tools for Lenders and Borrowers

Whether you are a lender looking to grow your loan book, or a borrower
looking for debt, we can help.

About Us

LendEnable is a data aggregation and analytics company that specialises in finding cleaning, organising, analysing and making sense of financial data on small to medium size enterprises in emerging markets.

Our Data Solutions

Our data solutions save you time because we do the heavy lifting so you can do the decisioning.

Our large financial database and our proprietary credit analytics allow us to generate deep insight on risk and opportunities which we pass on to you.

So, whether you are a growing SME looking to assess your own attractiveness to borrowers or a lender/investor/corporate trying to understand the risk involved with lending to a specific company or sector, we can give you robust answers which are based in fact.


Our vision is a functioning, transparent, and vibrant global financial marketplace where high quality SMEs, the backbone of all healthy, growing economies can secure the debt they need to grow at an interest rate that is affordable.


LendEnable gathers financial data from a large number of verifiable sources
and generates a credit profile of individual companies and their ability to
meet financial obligations based on their historic cash position as well as
its performance against its peers.

  • View in depth company finances
  • Credit Profiles and Reports
  • Assess industry / sector risk
  • Generate high quality leads & opportunities for more financing
  • Monitor on going risk

Calculate risk

Industries bench mark

Assess company's performance against its sector peers based on different parameters.

Manage and monitor risk

Keep track of portfolio level risk and up to date on credit deterioration of companies.


Our credit profile tool, CreditEnable®, makes it easy for you as a borrower to understand and improve your ability to secure debt. We give you deep insight into your financial performance against your peers and helpful tips on what to do to be more attractive to lenders.

Personal Dashboard for SMEs

Good Candidate for Debt YES

Liquidity Risk LOW

Max. Loan Size Possible $85,000

Average Receivables Turnover High-163 Days

As a company, you will be able to assess your performance against your sector peers. In addition you will also be able to track your performance and determine when you are ready for financing and get a quick snapshot view of your finances.

Assess your credit profile risk free

You can check your credit profile risk free, without it impacting your ability to acquire financing.




November 2016    

LendEnable and Village Capital Announce A Partnership to Unlock Finance for SMEs in Emerging Markets

Initiative targets the 70 percent of SMEs in emerging markets who are underserved by the financial services sector, resulting in a credit gap of more than $1.0 trillion.

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